Natures Instinct Chicken & Vegetable 2kg

Natures Instinct

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A balanced meal suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Natures Instinct is formulated to AAFCO requirements to meet the nutritional values for your best friend

  • Preservative free
  • 100% Organic
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Glucosamine
  • Joint Health
  • Helps maintain skin & coat

Helps maintain a healthy digestive system, rich in Antioxidants to help boost your dog's immune system, great source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat for your pet.

Real Meat, High in protein for added muscle growth and joint protection to help with your puppy’s well being. With added natural omega 3 and 6 helping to promote healthy skin and coats for your four legged Friend.

Can be fed from 16 weeks old.

Ingredients :
Chicken Meat (65%), ground bones,  selected cereals, fresh vegetable inc carrots and peas, Essential Vitamins & Minerals, Green Lipped Mussels, Glucosamine , Chondroitin, Calcium, Folic Acid, Salt, Digestive Enzymes, Omega 3 & 6,  Garlic.

Typical Analysis :
Protein : 13.5%
Fat : 11.5%
Carbohydrate : 8%
Salt : 0.35%
Fibre : 1%

Dog Size 2.5kg 5kg 10kg 20kg 30kg
Amount (gms) 100 250 400 800 1,100
Kcal (per day) 113 330 560 1,070 1,460


Puppies: Feed 3-4 times per day. Remove uneaten food in 10-20 minutes.

Pregnant Dog: Increase her food 15% weekly from the 5th week.

Switching to Natures Instinct: Mix increasing amounts of Natures Instinct with decreasing amounts of your dogs previous food over a 5 day period until you are feeding only Natures Instinct.

This is intended as a guide only, individual needs may vary depending on age, activity level, supplementary diet, breed etc.

Instructions for Handling and Serving
  1. Natures Instinct chilled pet rolls need to be kept in the fridge below 4 deg.
  2. To determine the correct amount to feed your pet, refer to the Daily Feeding Guide on the side of your roll. 
  3. Slice off the correct size portion and remove the plastic packaging covering the roll. 
  4. Cut the roll into slices and then into smaller squares and serve. 
  5. Place the remainder of your roll in the fridge (with a Fresh Cap over the end if you wish).
  6. Once opened your roll will stay fresh in the fridge for 7-10 days.



No Sugar, No Wheat, No Gluten, No Yeast, No Artificial Flavours, Low Salt

Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients