Fresh Pet Food Co - Australia

Fresh Pet Food Co products are produced by Macro Meats which is based in South Australia. Macro Meats was established in 1987 and now controls the world’s largest retail distribution of kangaroo meat. The Australian company works closely with governments to develop quality control and responsible harvesting procedures.

Fresh Pet Food Co kangaroo products are available in the fresh pet food section of major supermarkets in Australia.


Kangaroo is a 100% natural lean meat that is sustainably and ethically sourced. Nutritionally, kangaroo meat is superior to farmed meats. Because kangaroos are not farmed, they are truly free roaming, open range animals that graze on natural vegetation. So what you get is a clean meat that’s free from antibiotics and added chemicals.


Kangaroo is high in protein, low in fat and a good source of vitamins and minerals, including thiamine and riboflavin. It’s also a particularly good source of the minerals iron and zinc and heart-friendly Omega-3’s.