Vetnex Natural Animal Care


Welcome to Vetnex®

Vetnex is an Australian brand of natural animal care products with a mission to help our beloved animals live healthier & happier.

Vetnex dedicates to research, development and supply of high quality innovative natural animal care products.

Natural, Innovative & Quality are our principles.



Natural care is the philosophy behind Vetnex.

Vetnex nutraceutical products are manufactured from carefully selected premium quality natural or naturally derived ingredients only, and in some products, with added vitamins and minerals for extra health benefits. Vetnex natural range provides a low-risk gentle care for our beloved animals.

As part of our promise, Vetnex nutraceutical products are made with 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients with or without additional vitamins and minerals, and formulated without harsh chemicals, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Within Vetnex, innovation plays an important part in bringing in high-quality animal care solutions.

With a team of veterinarians, pharmacologists, nutritionist and naturopaths with in-depth industry experience, innovative concepts are always pursued during product development, to ensure Vetnex products and technologies are supported by science.


Quality is the gold for Vetnex, applied to all of our products.

All Vetnex nutraceutical products are proudly made in Australia with the selected best available premium natural ingredients.

All Vetnex nutraceutical products are manufactured in the APVMA or TGA approved manufacturing facilities locally in Australia under stringent quality control of pharmaceutical code of GMP, which is applied to the entire manufacturing process from raw material selection to final product release to the market.

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