WAG Beef Jerky 200g

WAG Australia

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Pure, natural, strong-smelling and full-flavoured – that's Beef Jerky!  It's a single-ingredient treat that’s high in protein, low in fat and 100% meat. This is one jerky you won’t kick to the curb.

The Benefits 

Grain Free

The only ingredients are what nature intended — meat, vital organs, and bones, which means more protein and fewer soluble carbohydrates.

Single Ingredient

Beef Jerky is a 100% single ingredient treat, meaning it's all natural, filled with no nasties!

  Great for Metabolism

Most dogs have a fast metabolism (quicker than ours). Keep 'em fed with treats high in protein to keep their energy levels high.


100% Beef Meat


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 80.0%

Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0%

Moisture (Max.) 12.0%


Size and Weights : 10cm – 15cm  / 15g – 25g

Country of Origin : Australia

How do I store this treat?

Beef Jerky comes in a resealable bag for freshness. You can store this treat in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place — keep it out of direct sunlight.

How is this treat made?

We source our beef meat from butchers in Victoria and Queensland. The meat is dried through a slow air dehydration process. Air dehydration removes the water and moisture from the raw meat and adds nothing back in. This natural process locks in the nutrients and a rich, concentrated taste that gradually develops in each single ingredient.

After that, it's packaged locally and (ideally) eaten by doggos globally.