Augustine Approved

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SuperHeal is a salve made using three certified organic food ingredients - Raw Coconut Oil (virgin cold-pressed), Turmeric Powder and Lecithin Powder.

Anecdotal evidence relating to dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats and people, suggests that SuperHeal may have beneficial effects when applied to cysts, tumours, melanomas, bacterial and fungal infections, polyps (growth inhibition), solar keratosis, skin tags, haematomas, some warts and some skin growths. Its ingredients are well documented as having strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and may also assist in wound healing.

Some people find themselves in situations where surgery is not practical or possible and because SuperHeal is so safe they have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

SuperHeal promotes the natural removal of growths so there is less scarring than surgery.

Why Is SuperHeal Unlike Other Salves?
Salves today all contain at least one chemical. Irrespective of how safe these chemicals may be, there may be legal limitations as to who can purchase them or for how the final product can be promoted.

SuperHeal is not only safe but also healthy to consume, therefore will not create problems when your pets lick their wounds after application. 

SuperHeal contains turmeric which stains everything it comes in contact with. Please keep the area well covered to avoid staining your home.