Single Protein Kangaroo Air Dried Jerky - Barkaroo 75g


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We all need a little treat every now and again! These delicious Barkaroo healthy treats for dogs and cats are made with 100% human grade sustainable kangaroo fillets.

The kangaroo fillets are thinly sliced, sprinkled with organic parsley. We then slowly air-dry them to retain optimal nutrients and flavour. They’re meatier and more satisfying than the rest.  These little beauties have been described as ‘doggie crack’ and renowned animal behaviourist Laura Vissaritis and her partner in crime Chester are a huge fan. Katrina Warren’s cat Mr Fox is also quite partial to a Barkaroo just before bed!

They’re best stored in the fridge or freezer as like all of our food they’re preservative and additive free. When stored properly they’ll last months, but we don’t know of any pup that can leave them alone that long!