Excellent testimony from another happy customer, Magdalynn Chua in Woodlands, Singapore.

"My frenchie has food allergies. After he has eaten Crocodile Roll for 4 weeks, his skin improved and fur grow back. His weight didn't drop or increase and he is eating happily. We are thrilled to find a good source of protein food for our frenchie and no more cooking."
Hotspots, redness & bald spots gone in just 4 weeks !
Food allergy is where dogs and cats become allergic to a meat (protein source) that they are used to eating in the diet.

We diagnose food allergy by feeding a novel protein source like Prime100TM Sk-D200TM Crocodile & Tapioca, Prime100TM Sk-D200TM F Kangaroo & Pumpkin or Prime100TM Sk-D200TM Kangaroo & Potato (a meat they have not been exposed to in their past dietary history) for 6–8 weeks.

If they improve, then they are then challenged with their previous diet (the complete smorgasbord of food) to see if they react over the next 7–10 days (usually we see an adverse reaction within two days).

If this occurs, we put them back onto the low allergy food and once in remission, we then feed individual ingredients to identify exactly what they react to, which allows us to know what foods to avoid.

Food allergy commonly occurs in young animals though it can occur at any age. Some animals will also display gastrointestinal signs. It is important to also treat any secondary infections at the beginning of the dietary trial and to rule out parasites such as fleas and scabies.

Cats can be problematic as they are fussy eaters. If they are fed a meat only diet, this should be limited to 5–6 weeks due to taurine deficiency.

There is no reputable blood test that screens for food allergies! A strict dietary trial is the only diagnostic test. A common misconception is that organic foods will not create food allergy. It is a protein allergy – if a dog is chicken allergic (a common protein source in manly commercial dog foods) the dog will have an allergic reaction to it regardless of whether it is eaten in the kibble, from a can, cooked, raw or organic – it is the chicken protein the dogs reacts to." 

- Dr Beth McDonald BVSc(Hons). MANZCVS (small animal medicine).MVS.DipACVD., Registered Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

"North Road Veterinary Centre have been stocking the Prime100TM rolls for the last three months.

We recommend the Prime100TM rolls for dogs with gastrointestinal problems, skin conditions, as well as a tasty nutritionally balanced food. In our experience, the dogs love the taste and we have seen the benefits in feeding the Prime100TM rolls.

In particular, dogs with sensitive stomachs have responded well to Kangaroo & Potato and Crocodile & Tapioca. We have also seen improvements in our patient’s skin conditions when being fed the Crocodile & Tapioca rolls. In our opinion, the Prime100TM rolls are great for the dogs and the dogs love them."

Staff from North Road Veterinary Centre, Melbourne

"The new range of single and novel protein diets from Prime100, the manufacturers of the terrific SK-D Kangaroo & Potato diet, have again filled a much needed role in the provision of diets designed for dogs with skin or digestive disorders.

The completely balanced diets ensure all the nutritional requirements are met along with the added function of reducing allergy loads in susceptible pets. Palatability is excellent with the novel crocodile and tapioca having a 100% acceptance in our patients.

They say it "tastes like chicken but without the itch!" The single protein Chicken & Brown Rice and Lamb & Rosemary make dietary allergy testing much easier than in the past when most commercial diets had composite proteins making it impossible to determine if the diet was causing any food allergic reactions.

The new additions to Prime100’s range complement their existing variety of nutritious food and ensures a diet suitable for all dogs no matter their affliction."

- Dr Kent Marshall BVSc. MANCVS., Knox Vet Clinic

"We were looking for a new food range to over our clients when we were unable to continue stocking our existing dog food loaf. Prime100 SPD ticked all our required boxes in its ability to provide a high quality Australian made single protein food that is enriched with vitamins, minerals and Omega 6 fatty acids to bene t the health of our clients. It has been a successful switch, with much positive feedback on the quality and pet satisfaction of the food."

Rye Veterinary Clinic Victoria