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Preparation & Feeding Guide

Fresh Roll Preparation & Feeding Guide

  1. Leave the roll to be cut in the lower compartments of the fridge to thaw overnight. Never thaw outside the fridge to prevent bacterial contamination.
  1. Once soft enough to cut, divide the roll into daily serving portions ranging from 2% to 4% of the dog’s weight depending on its age and weight. Increase the serving portion for younger and underweight dogs and vice versa.
  1. Divide the daily portion into 2 if the dog is fed twice a day 8 hours apart.
  1. Keep 4 to 5 days of daily portions in the lower compartments of the fridge.
  1. The roll has been steamed cooked at 72 deg C and is ready to be served direct from the fridge without the need to cook again.
  1. Store the rest of the cut-up portions back into the freezer and use them as replacement for the portions that have been served.
  1. In the unlikely event that your dog does not want to eat the roll, you may heat it up slightly to release the aroma to entice it to eat. Alternatively, you can add some coconut oil which may also improve its appetite.
  1. Do not overcook the roll as the ground bones meant as a source of natural calcium inside it may turn brittle.
  1. Most dogs take to the rolls immediately but a transition is needed, you may need to gradually reduce its old diet serving whilst increasing the new roll diet by over a one-week period. Do not mix both diets in the same meal, especially with kibble as it may cause digestive issues due to the dog’s body processing different forms of food in different ways.
  1. The unopened cooked roll has a shelf life of 9 to 12 months when stored in the freezer. Once cut, the frozen portions should be fed within a month.

Note: As Kangaroo is a very lean red meat, some dogs actually lose weight but in a healthy way. If this is a concern, increase the serving portion gradually until the desired weight is achieved.